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Gene ‘Sxip’ Shirey is an electric-acoustic oriented composter and performer from Ohio currently residing in New York City.

Sxip’s musical experimentation began when asked to compose for Ohio University’s modern dance department. Since then he has performed around the world, from underground clubs in Brooklyn (Rubulad) to presenting at TED (solo performance), across Europe (The Luminescent Orchestrii) and the Sydney Opera House (The Daredevil Opera Company). Sxip also wrote the music for Neil Gaiman’s short film Statuesque and recently opened the Evelyn Evelyn international tour with co-creators Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley.

His work utilizes found objects, traditional instruments, computer and re-imaged instruments such as Industrial Flutes, Bullhorn Harmonicas, Regurgitated Music Box, Triple Extended Pennywhistles, Miniature Hand Bell Choir, Obnoxiophone, Glass Bowls With Red Marbles and a clutch of curious objects.