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Scott has worked in the performing arts and events management industry for over 24 years. His strong creative vision, leadership skills and enthusiasm have seen him deliver the highest quality product possible. Combining theatre, circus, aerial and spectacle, Scott has produced major events for festivals such as the Sydney Festival, Brisbane International Film Festival, Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Brisbane Festival, Adelaide Fringe Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Dublin Fringe Festival, Queensland Music Festival and many more.  He has delivered major events for government partners including City of Melbourne, Queensland Premier’s Department, City of Perth, Adelaide City Council and Brisbane City Council.  In addition, Scott directed the award winning production The Secret Death of Salvador Dali and recent directorial credits include Cantina, Tom Tom Crew, Feasting on Flesh, Now I’m 10 and Storm in A Teacup (Flipside Children’s Circus).

‘The creation of LIMBO came, as many of my shows have, from the unique blend of the performers gathered, in this case, from all corners of the globe. The performers were not cast for roles as such, but were more a part of a curatorial recipe. First in the process was the music itself, and my invitation to Sxip Shirey to become one of the creative driving forces of this production. I needed some musicians to match his eclectic and idiosyncratic blend and was excited when both Mick Stewart and Grant Arthur accepted my invitation to take part. All performers needed to be extremely multi-skilled. Whilst they are indeed specialists within their field I was particularly interested in ‘what else can you do?’ At some stage everyone will sing, dance or pick up a musical instrument.

With performers arriving from Montreal, New York, Marseille and Australia, all from extremely different backgrounds and products of extremely different influences, we were lucky enough to have created an immediate family environment and I believe you can feel this within the show.

I wanted to blend music, dance, circus, sideshow, magic, acrobatics and spectacle, all of which become totally amplified with the audience so close to the performers themselves. On only a 3.6m diameter stage, the world of LIMBO is literally in, above and around the audience.  You are under no doubt that within the environment of the tent, you are in fact part of the world that makes LIMBO.’